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RRC Distributor for Cisco Cloud Solutions and Intercloud partner
Datum objave 09.06.2015
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RRC Distributor for Cisco Cloud Solutions
and Intercloud partner


Due to the forthcoming technological transition and the development of new technologies and in accordance with the RRC doo company development strategy, we are investing in Cloud infrastructure, where direct partners have been provided access to Cloud technology.

We inform you that company RRC doo, in cooperation with company Cisco, has expanded its portfolio with "cloud computing" and Intercloud solutions. Since March 1, RRC has been able to offer the complete portfolio of Cisco solutions for virtualization and since June 1, RRC become Cisco Intercloud partner.

The traditional problems with computer hardware, speed and strength, unreliable programmes and demanding applications, or with sufficient data storage capacity – simply cease to exist when one starts applying Cloud solutions. This leads to full system setting up flexibility as one can adapt system characteristics to one's own needs and create tailor-made systems for oneself, without any restrictions contained in equipment installation and system maintenance.


Significant Cost Effectiveness


Cost effectiveness is another important motivation. Cloud services imply the renting of IT and communication infrastructure and services from specialized IT companies, with no capital investments in one's own infrastructure, software or human resources, which represents an increasingly cost effective and frequent business model of companies and organizations worldwide. They are ideal for companies with a need for effective implementation of new IT services which are to help them improve their business processes and communication with clients and interest groups and, in general, do business more effectively. The services are flexible in extent, are formed according to users' real needs and are charged in accordance with the extent of their application.


Security and Safety


Losing some important data or falling victim to the attacks of hackers or computer viruses is a catastrophic scenario for any company. The number of hacking attacks on computer systems (as well as industrial espionage cases) keep growing from year to year so more and more attention is being paid to protection measures.

By applying the innovative hardware and software protection systems, one can keep their data absolutely safe and immune to viruses or hacking attacks.

After the successful first phase in the offer of cloud services agreed upon between RRC d.o.o. and Cisco, in near future we can expect RRC to join the global Cisco Intercloud network. Intercloud is a setting designed for the operation of applications of high value and in high demand, for real-time data analysis, "infinite" scalability and adherence to the local data protection laws.


Cloud Services


IaaS is a basic Cloud service model which provides you with the possibility of the creation of a virtual computer/server by means of using a virtual computer infrastructure platform through virtual server and desktop machines. Within this service model, you can choose the operative system and the application system that you are going to use. You can install the programmes you require on basic configurations. The selected configurations can be expanded with additional memory if necessary and also with additional data discs. Partners have access to a wide range of basic options which they may use for their own solutions, depending on the characteristics of the systems required for offer to customers.

Key Benefits of Using Cloud Services:

  • Selected tailor-made solutions
  • Cost-based payment of services and resources (pay-per-use)
  • High quality of data centres
  • Support offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Efficiency through fast service implementation
  • Data security with state-of-the-art protection systems
  • No need to invest in hardware, maintenance and server area
  • Economical and reliable back up and archiving
  • Access to corporate data at any place and at any time
  • No need to invest in expensive application purchase
  • Fast and easy resource management
  • Cost effective investments - commencement of the use of services without investments in expensive ICT infrastructure, software, maintenance, upgrades
  • Efficient supply of additional user infrastructure resources
  • Economical solution for recovery in the case of accidents/catastrophes
This offer means a step further from the current managed services already offered to partners by Cisco and RRC.
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